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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  August 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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society we are watching tropical storm isaac. >> the republican national convention still on but shifting plan as coastal communities get ready for the storm. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. . good morning to you. live look outside. washington, d.c. right now on monday, august 27th at straight up 6:00. a lot to talk about today.
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the storm, isaac, that is what we're talking about. we've got a lot to talk about as we always do as we start off the week. good morning to you. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. thank you for watching. mississippi has declared a state of federal emergency management agency. the governors of florida and alabama have canceled their trips to the republican national convention as their states prepare for the storm. some coastal residents in alabama have been told to evacuate as a. long with 63,000 residents in st. charles parish in louisiana. let's check in with tucker barnes to get the latest on our weather here. >> good morning. we've got leftover showers across the eastern shore. dense fog advisory which has just got going out to the west. we a lot going on locally too. >> yes, we do. >> places that got hard hit yesterday still dealing with rain showers, other than a
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thunderstorm. but not here in the immediate washington area. got to get across the bay and again, eastern shore still dealing with some rain out towards salisbury. look like oxford might be dealing with a shower. the lighter green you see for talbot county, that is a flood warning. they picked up heavy rain yesterday. otherwise, should be a warm and humid day for us. we are expecting highs in the mid- to upper 80s with more sunshine than yesterday. but it won't be a perfectly sunny day. kind of a partly to mostly sunny afternoon. temperature right now at reagan national. 71degrees. humidity, 87%. parts of the area got pretty good rain yesterday and that leading to fog overnight here. visibilities out to the west, maces like front royal. visibilities a quarter mile or less. that is why before a dense fog advisory. humid conditions today. could be a few afternoon showers. warmer as well. mid- to upper 80s. >> all right.
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nice, humid and hot weather out there. before we get to traffic, firestorm isaac is impacting plans at the republican national convention. >> let's get live right now to fox's jennifer davis. she is in tampa. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> a lot of things happening with this convention in regards to the weather. we've already heard that the governor of mississippi and the governor of louisiana not planning on being there and also that ann romney, who was scheduled to speak, is not going to speak now, is that correct. ? >> reporter: there is a lot still up in the air. d.c. general right about the governors who aren't coming. i'm going to have my photographer pan over. that is the forum over there behind me. it is dark inside and a lot of plans remain up in the air. they are going to convene later this afternoon very briefly to start what they are calling a national debt clock. they are going to recess until tomorrow afternoon. that is plant at this point. but tropical storm isaac rally has things up in the air at
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this point. there is a lot that people don't know but certainly, a number of the governors from the surrounding states that will be affecteby the storm scale back their plans at this point. they've tried to fit all the speakers in in a condensed three-day version but many people acknowledge at this point, no one knows what will happen. they will have to see where isaac goes and what soft damage it causes. >> around the clock, is that what they're doing, around the clock working on just trying to figure out what they're going to put where and what kind of things are they going to have to eliminate from this convention now that wear condensing it so much. >> reporter: there were some daytime speakers that we understand will not be able to continue o the initial plan calls for starting an hour earlier in the evening at 7:00 instead of 8:00. a lot of the speeches may have to be shorter as well. they are hoping to get in all the major folks though over the next three days. >> busy time down there for sure on top of the convention, of course, tropical storm isaac
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as well. jennifer davis, thank you so much. >> thank you. we'll check in with julie wright now and get the latest on our traffic. how is it looking out there for the first day of school for a lot of folks? >> not so bad. we've got lanes open if you are traveling the top stretch. beltway leaving college park headed past university boulevard. lanes are open south on 29 # and 95 coming in out of laurel. 95, this is one our slowest spots. we see traffic starting to build in volume. again with the backup leaving the prince william parkway across the occoquan. lanes are open headed out towards 395. towards 395. new this morning, three separate attacks in afghanistan. first, two u.s. soldiers died in an accidental shooting in the eastern part of the country. a group of american and afghan troops were running for cover t one. afghans stumbled and discharged his weapon. meanwhile, 17 civilians were found decapitated in a taliban
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area and ten afghan soldiers were killed at a checkpoint. a look at the morning's other top stories. a viewing will be held today for fallen prince george's county police officer adrian morris. morris was killed in a crash on i-59 near beltsville last week as he and another officer were chasing two men in an allegedly stolen vehicle. officer morris was just 23 jurors old. his funeral will be held in mitchellville tomorrow. thousands of students across the area head back to school today as it is the first day of class in montgomery county and frederick county, maryland along with loudoun county and d.c. schools. d.c. public schools have launched a new program called a capital commitment. it is a five-year plan focused on creating an academically challenging environment with a solid image in the community. the first goal is to double the number of advanced students in the district and make sure at least 07% of students are proficient in reading and math. we are talking more about what is ahead for d.c. schools this
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year when schools chancellor kaya henderson joins us live next hour. and in a few minutes, we'll check in with allison seymour who is helping her daughters get ready for the first day of school in montgomery county. we'll see how hectic that household is this morning. >> good luck to allison. >> coming up next, a look at the morning's other headlines actually series of earthquakes rocks southern california. >> also ahead, saying good-bye for a machine who changed space travel as we know it. this morning, we are looking back on the life of neil armstrong. armstr
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the earth shook last night. a major earthquake was reported off the coast of el salvador. it measured 7.4 and even though there was a tsunami warning only a small wave was reported this morning. so far, no reports of any damage or injuries. earlier sunday, a series of earthquakes cut power in southern california. the biggest was a 5.5 but there
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were at least 30 smaller tremors that shook that area. the penn state football team will play its first game since former assistant coach jerry sandusky was convicted on child sex abuse charges. they will open the 2012 season at home in beaver stawed yum with new coach bill o'brien. stadium with new coach bill o'brien. astronaut neil armstrong is expected to be laid to rest in a priet funeral on thursday or friday. he died saturday of complications from heart bypass surgery. final details are still being worked out at this time and there is a push for armstrong to be given a state funeral. he was 82 years old. coming up next, the first day of school is always just a little bit crazy. >> just a tiny bit crazy. we are checking in with allison
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as her daughters get ready for go back to class. >> tucker is keeping an eye on tropical storm isaac and has a look at the week ahead here at home when fox 5 morning news continues after the break. 
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much of our area was hit by heavy rains yesterday but take a look at this scene in charles county. wow! the national weather service says it has not confirmed a tornado or waterspout in the area but they are looking into reports and could release more details today. man! they haven't confirmed it. well, i'm not a weather expert but it just looks like it. >> probably didn't have anyone on staff yesterday. >> i'm sure we'll get an update. >> definitely a waterspout. >> thank you. let's take -- let's talk about the first day of school. we have abeen asking to you
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share your pictures with us for your little one's first day back. this is adrian on his first day of kindergarten at perry street stool accepted in your child's back to school pictures. >> i still remember my kindergarten teacher, miss rupp. >> that you talked to her in a while. >> it's been a couple of years. >> i don't remember my kindergarten teacher. >> yeah, i do. mrs.webb. very nice lady. did you try to forget those years? did the peachers want to forget
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you? >> probably so. >> i got three minutes to do the weather. see if you can find it on the internet. >> they didn't have internet back then. >> visibility is a quarter mile or less out here. we've had some fog reported closer as well but places like front royal, winchester, you have a fog advisory until 10:00 this morning as the combination of relatively cool temperatures back in the 60s and the rain we had around here yesterday making for some fog. so that is your initial concern. later today, i think the fog will burn off. it should be a decent afternoon. warmer than yesterday but it will be very humid around here today. 72 right now in washington. 73 this morning in annapolis. there are your 60s off to the west and to the north. winchester, 64 at this hour and let's see. 68degrees in manassas. yesterday, 826789 today, warmer than yesterday's daytime highs. we should see a little more sunshine than yesterday as well. the rain showers won't be quite as numerous as what we had around here yesterday. parts of the area yesterday
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really got a deluge. hay lot of flood warnings around the bay yesterday. up to 3 inches of rain. we still have a few showers here. lower eastern shore, now lifting. finally starting to push off to the east. we should see a decent amount of sunshine later today. it will be warm and humid. this is our next weather maker. a cold front which will get in here late tonight and during the day tomorrow. behind that front, less humid air. it will be great around here by the mid. week. we have to get there first. today will be that kind of day where it feels kind of soupy outside. let's get down to give you the latest with isaac. there you go. watch it in motion here. it is looking more impressive on our satellite signature here in the last couple of frames. notice, it looks like it might be developing a sort of rag he had eye wall. notice the last couple of frames there. you can see the eye wall start to develop. you can really see it. it is likely to intensify into a hurricane later today. still looks like by late
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tuesday, early wednesday, it will be getting awfully close to northerliens so that looks like a possible bull's eye here for the eventual landfall of isaac as it continues to track off to the west and northwest. here is your latest. i mentioned the winds, 65 moving off to the west northwest at 14. pressure has dropped to 990 millibars. that tells us the storm is strengthening and will continue to intensify. right now forecast to be a strong category one hurricane with winds approaching 90 to 95 miles per hour when it makes landfall again late wednesday, early thursday. it will be slowing down here over the next day or so. warm and humid for us today. a few showers out there. could be a thunderstorm as well. but much of your day will be dry particularly after what we had around here this weekend. 87 your daytime high. still humid out there. mostly cloudy, scattered showers and storms overnight. here is your five-day forecast. once we get that cold front through here during the day tomorrow, less humidity. we had, thursday, friday look great. lots of sunshine and seasonal
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temperatures without a whole lot of humidity around here. the middle and end of the week look great. >> that is a look at weather. let's do some traffic and get the latest from julie wright. >> good morning. on the roads, you will find lanes are open. no problems reported as you continue to work your way around the top stretch of the beltway leaving university boulevard headed around towards georgia avenue. traffic flowing freely. 95, 259 in good shape out of laurel. 50 is quiet leaving annapolis and bowie. you can tell school is back in session. there is a change in our traffic patterns. not only do we see slow traffic approaching and passing 109 but now we have the delay out of gaithersburg leaving 124 headed out to 370. in virginia, lanes are open, no problems reported 66 eastbound out of manassas. heavy volume to accompany this commute in towards centerville and delays continue from 50 to 123. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> thank you. today is the first day back to school for students in montgomery county and a few
6:21 am
other areas. >> that's right. that includes allison seymour who, much like many parents, they're rushing around getting their kids ready to get out the school and get ready for school. let's check in with the very brave soul who is allowing us to come in. >> a, allison. >> good morning. welcome to our home. we are super excited. no, i'm just going to be honest. no, of course, i don't jump up with make-up on but i am also working. so i want to welcome you to our home. it is first day of school. sydney is kind of partially dressed. come on in. this is the child that is going to middle school this year. this is the child that many. you may have seen when holly gave me a shower like 11 years ago. this child is as tall as i am and you are ready for school. are you excited? >> yes, very. >> you are going to get ready. we'll watch you through the
6:22 am
morning in your robe now but you are partially there, right? >> y. >> okay. you need to go upstairs. as everybody knows, there are three of them, just like that. so she is the first one because middle school starts earlier which is like -- but the other two are still in grade school. they will come down a little later. with that feed them and i just invite to you stay and hopefully this will go okay. mark is in the kitchen. he has breakfast duty and i'm here in wardrobe. bus comes at 7:15. i think we're doing okay. this is where we are and this is what i'm doing and i'm really working but i really am working as all moms and dads know. that is it for now. back to you guys. >> it looks like you are at the early stage. chaos. it hasn't quite kicked in yet. >> you know what? when there are like three of them, it has to be a day minute issued amount of chaos.
6:23 am
so it is okay. i'm never here. normally, i'm there with you, of course. so it is like mark will do all the heavy lifting in the morning. i get them in the afternoon. so we're prepared because it is first day. all the outfits are lined up upstairs. they are ready to jump into after the showers so we're doing okay today. >> okay. good. we can't wait to see the outfits. we'll check in later. >> good luck to you. and i also like how your daughter is way taller than you already. >> i know! and so is the middle one is almost as tall. >> i know. >> thank you for noticing. >> he keys in on that. coming up next, tropical storm isaac threatens the gulf coast and parts of japan are dealing with a dangerous storm. >> as we go to break, we always tell our kids not to procrastinate on their homework but it looks like a lot of parents are putting off back to school shopping. the national retail federation says only 8% of parents surveyed have finnerred their back to school shopping as of
6:24 am
this month. we're back in a moment. -- have finished irtheir back to school shopping as of this month -- have finished their back to school shopping as of this month. how does it feel to try smooth,
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in the syrian civil war, there is mounting evidence of another massacre from a suburb of the capital of damascus. >> it is from a push by government forced three days ago. reports of the death toll there ranged from more than 300 but could be as many as 600. president assad is quoted as saying his regime will fight whatever the price. meanwhile, rebels say they shot down a government helicopter this morning and the chopper was seen crashing in damascus this morning. it appears the japanese island of okinawa was spared. the region got hit way powerful typhoon yesterday. but the gusts weren't as strong
6:28 am
as predicted. no one was killed. only four people were injured. the storm habibie packing winds of up to 155 miles per hour before hitting okinawa. we are also keeping a close eye on tropical storm isaac this morning. >> cole up next, we'll check in with tucker for the latest on its track. its. >> also aheading a big day for thousands of students across the area as they head back to school. we'll check in with melanie alnwick live in bethesda this morning. ahead at 7:30, d.c. schools chancellor kaya henderson will also be live with us here in studio. fox 5 morning news will be back in a moment. 
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tropical storm isaac going to get stronger and stronger over the next day or so. and nearly seven years after hurricane katrina, new orleans could take a direct history more than 50,000 people in southeastern louisiana are already evacuating and there
6:32 am
are states of emergency declared along the gulf coast in florida, mississippi, louisiana and alabama. the storm killed eight people in haiti and two more in the dominican republic. it will not directly impact the gop convention in tampa but republican leaders are taking no chances and canceled today. a lot of clean-up happening in haiti that was already rocked by the earthquake we had. >> a couple of years ago. >> we should gust yet some rain from it here? >> yeah. >> we have to watch. maybe a weak from now. still a ways away. let's go real quick to the radar. the satellite signature looking more impressive. it is starting to wrap around that center. there are some indications we are starting to get a rag he had eye wall. likely to become a hurricane later today or tonight. probably a strong category one,
6:33 am
maybe a category two murk when it makes landfall later tomorrow and early wednesday. let's do local weather really quick. 72 in washington. 64 in winchester. 72 this morning at ocean city. we're starting to dry out. we had extremely heavy rain east of washington yesterday. very impressive rain totals. two, three, four inches of rain here in spots along the western shore of the chesapeake. we still have left overshowers there just east of the bay. the trend will be to watch things wind down today. we'll be warm and huge you had by afternoon with high temperatures topping out in the mid- to upper 80s but you will notice that humidity, i promise. it will be back with a vengeance today after all the rain we around here this weekend. >> i think i feel some of it seeping into the studio right now. >> thank you. time to say hello to julie wright again. what is happening on the roads? >> we are checking for accident activity on 270. it is reported on the shoulder.
6:34 am
if you are traveling southbound, lanes are open. southbound traffic slows before and after 109. here in germantown, starting to see the volume increase as you work your way south of 118. all of your lanes there are open. traveling on the other side of town, you will find lanes are open for those continuing at the wilson bridge. no problems to report right now as you travel from alexandria headed over towards oxon hill. gw parkway coming southbound is in good shape. accident activity reported before you reach the memorial bridge along the right side of the road so keep your eyes peeled for that. northbound i-59 below speed at 29 miles per hour leaving newington continuing up towards the beltway. the summer vacation is over for hundreds of thousands of students across our region. >> kids in montgomery county, frederick, howard and loudoun counties as well as d.c. are back in school today, back in the classroom. melanie alnwick is live at walter johnson high school in bethesda with a look ahead. >> reporter: good morning. while students had the summer off, it certainly was a very
6:35 am
busy few months when it comes to construction projects and modernization. here in montgomery county, they spent the summer replacing roofs, replacing gym floors, replacing playing fields, doing whatever they can to make the school environment better for the 149,000 students that are going to be returning to the school system. one of the largest ever. montgomery county is also opening a brand-new elementary school. it is flora singer elementary school. that is going to be in silver spring. it is the first new school that montgomery county has opened since 2009. we have paint branch high school which has undergone a $80 million mod werization were -- modernization. d.c., frederick, loudoun, all back in session today with more students than yesterday. in d.c., chancellor kaya henderson is kicking off a five- year improvement program that she is calling a capital
6:36 am
commitment. they want to focus on increasing reading and math proficiency to 70% and increasing the high school graduation rate to 75%. moten and turner elementary schools in southeast have been modernized. i know the ward eight community there is going to be very excited about getting back into those schools today. and loudoun county also seeing an increase in enrollment. one new high school and one new elementary school and they are projecting enrollments to get evening abouter. coming up for ashburn yard people, they will be in the same schools this year but they are anticipating opening new schools in ashburn next year so one of the themes coming up for them in the coming school year is some of the redrawing of the school lines there in the ashburn area to move kids around and get them into classrooms that are a better size for them. so again, higher enrollments are the theme all throughout the area. you can kind of hear the school
6:37 am
buses. we are seeing one of our first school buses right here coming up behind us. 6:30s when they start to get going and underway. nderway. a look at this morning's other top stories actually viewing will be held for fallen prince george's county police officer adrian morris. he is killed in a car crash on i-59 near beltsville last week as he and another officer were chasing two men in an alleged stolen vehicle. officer morris was just 23 years old. new this morning, there is a push to allow alcohol sales in damascus, maryland. the "washington post" reports that two rest accident are working to sway voters to support the change which will be on the november ballot. damascus is one of the few remaining dry areas in maryland. allison brings you the news
6:38 am
every morning. but she is hard at work being a mom today. >> yes, she is. this morning, it is especially busy for her. she is getting her daughters ready. look at her in the kitchen. >> i see one child. >> we'll see how the morning is coming along as fox 5 morning news continues.
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>> you've been sharing some great back to school pictures with us. this is cheyenne. she is getting on the bus. >> she is getting on the bus. >> see ya! >> send in your child's back to cool pictures. that is the double dutch bus she's getting on. tting on.
6:42 am
>> it is a very busy morning for allison seymour and crew. >> she is at home helping her daughters get ready for school and back to class. she is still allison, good morning to you. >> wisdom, i'm still smiling. hi, sarah. >> hi. >> here is what every parment knows especially on the first day back. oh, man, you've -- everything is laid out the night before. this child is so prepared, she jumps up, basically before i even had to wake her up. so middle school starts earlier, right, syd? >> uh-huh. >> did you see the glamorous flip behind the ear. this girl is ready for middle school. so it is a little bit early are now. this is going to be the time that you have to get up and get ready. is that okay? does that feel okay? >> i've been sleeping in. it is hard to get back on
6:43 am
track. >> do you think every day is going to be as smooth as it is today. >> no. >> okay. so eat your breakfast. then, what is next, i guess when the next time, i mean we'll be doing finishing touches on your hair, right? what else do we have to do? you did your backpack last night. >> we did all that. >> so backpack, we got that. outfit, we got that. >> yeah. >> you're eating. that's good. and then bus stop and all of that. it is kind of like wear going into this territory new with the whole junior high school thing. so we're cruising along this morning. and the next thing i will wake up your sisters and the baby is so asleep right now, i wish you could take the camera upstairs to her bedroom because she is curled up as if it is july 15th and so she is going to get a rude awakening. >> that is how she sleeps every morning. >> she is the late one. >> yes. >> this child is the early one. if it looks like we're kind of
6:44 am
cool and we have it going on, it is just because this child is pretty organized. >> today. >> today. the middle child is too but the baby, hopefully, we can bet what it really is like when she wakes up. there it is. okay. eat. eat. and than we'll walk to the bus stop. i need to also give props to one mr. brownie seymour here. this dog, even though jason has been in here with the camera, he has not gone crazy. he has not barked. it is almost as if he knows, today is the first day back and mama don't need no mess today. he needs to get his shout out too. i guess we'll rejoin you a little bit later. >> he is calm because your daughter is feeding him bacon under the table. >> i know! >> he's sitting there waiting
6:45 am
for that. all right. we'll check in with you in a little while. wrapping things up there in the seymour household. things under control. >> exciting times getting ready for the first day of school. >> it was funny because she's sort of like okay, i think we're doing well. usually mark is there. she is not normally there. >> he is the breakfast guy. he has cooked breakfast. then the other two kids, that is where the real adventure is going to start. >> can't wait for baby to get up. >> i love this idea. >> we should do this every morning. >> we should start at allison's house. let's do the weather real quick because we have and -- we have a new segment we're going to do today. fog advisory to the west and to the north. that is a dense fog advisory. visibilities in spots, front royal, win chester, quarter mile or less. if you are driving in from the west, just be ready for the potential for some fog out there. a combination of the rains that we had around here this weekend and some cooler overnight
6:46 am
temperatures leading to that fog. so dense fog advisory kris ozten until 10:00 this morning. don't have it here in town but we do have a few spots with locally dense fog as well a little closer to downup to washington. temperature right now in washington. 72degrees. overnight falling back into the low 70s. the 60s here north and west -- so dense fog advisory continues until 10:00 this morning. lots of humidity out there and, of course, we are still dealing with left overrain showers. the weekend rain that -- leftover rain showers. that weekend rain we had around here, that area of low pressure being very slowly pushed off to the east. you will be dealing with those for a few more hours. we'll get those out of here. eventually some clear skies and then a cold front which will get in here tonight. that will bring us a lot of relief in the form. less humidity and warm temperatures towards the middle and end of the week. it will be beautiful around here with bright sunshine and high temperatures in the mid-
6:47 am
80s. until then, steamy with a possibility of a few more showers or thunderstorms later this afternoon. here is your tropics and let's get back to isaac. notice the eye wall trying to develop here. it is rag he had. there you go, last frame showing you the eye wall. once that eye wall gets going, this storm likely to intensify. lots of warm water. doesn't have the wind shear that it had yesterday. a tropical storm with maximum winds of 56 miles per hour and pushing off to the north and west. unfortunately, the track will take it close to new orleans by late tomorrow night and early wednesday morning. perhaps with wind approaching 100 miles per hour. we are really going to from -- going to have to look out here. our forecast featuring today a lot of humidity. by tomorrow afternoon, that front will actually move through and the humidity should be pushing out. but it will still be warm with highs near 90.
6:48 am
wednesday, sure, friday, beautiful. lots of sunshine, low humidity. temperature in the mid-80s. >> look who's back. >> thank you, very nice to be back. good morning to all of us. >> good morning, everybody. happy to be back from vacation and it is the beginning of a new era. >> yes, it is. >> a beautiful day. >> we've been talking about ask the weather guy since i'm no longer doing the weather, we have to change the name. we thank everybody who sent in super creative names and some of them were crazy. we would never have considered them. but a lot of thought and effort went into. this today, it is time for the big reveal. >> we have abeen waiting for weeks and after much thought and debate, here it is. the brand-new -- it is the same sold segment with a brand-new name.
6:49 am
it is time for. >> ask tony and tucker. >> we have to play the music again. >> very short. >> we stopped it. you got to hear the whole thing. let's try to recue it. we'll be quiet. >> that sounded like our producer. >> well, yes, it was. this is the same segment, new name, ask tony and tucker. pretty much we have to call it that for legal reasons. all right. you want today's question? this is the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise. we are starting with an easy one. today's question comes from july purdy who writes what time do all of you have to get up in
6:50 am
the morning to be at work at 4:25 a.m. i think tucker looks awfully tired. >> thank you, july. >> we'll get cucumbers for your eyes. >> that is because i am awfully tired. >> we don't get to work at 4:25. the show goes on at 4:25. many of us are here well before that time. >> how do we want to start? >> starting with me. all right. i wake up every morning, drum roll, please, at 3:06. i take a shower, shave and i'm out the door by 3:23 with my coat and tie o i have greet it all down, put the clothes out the night before. get to work just before 4:00. >> you cut it pretty close. >> yeah. >> yeah, he does. >> calling in to question your early morning forecast. >> it is all ready to go.
6:51 am
but i need my beauty rest so i have to sleep in until 3:06 every day. >> we know what you look like. do we have a picture of what tucker looks like normally. we have a picture of what tucker look like normally and what he would look like if you got the amount of sleep you would like to get. >> fully rested. >> oh, yeah. >> that is well rested tucker. >> that's me with bags under my eyes. if i were a normal person, i would look more like the man on the right. >> july purdy may be right. who's next? >> i get up at 2:00. my clothe are laid out for the week. >> for the week? >> shoes, socks and all laid out for the week. don't ask. it's long story. so i get up at 2:00 and i'm out the door, shower, shave,
6:52 am
everything out the door by 3:00. >> about 3:00. >> maybe a couple of minutes before and i get here in about 30 minutes. >> do we have images of you as well? >> yeah, we have images of me before and after. >> normal wisdom. >> that is what i look like when i'm well rested. >> you smell what i'm cooking. >> yeah. >> okay. >> you all are like sleeping in. i'm up at 2:00 a.m. you got to do your hair and that whole jazz so 2:00 a.m. is when i'm getting up. >> it is just amazing, i set the alarm for like 1:50. >> it is an overnight shift essentially. >> so we want it see regular sarah and well rested sarah. >> see? >> people don't realize. just a few more hours of sleep, how amazing it can be for the hair and skin.
6:53 am
>> i used to get up at 2:30 when i was on the air at 5:00 a.m. now, i get up -- i feel bad saying this considering all of you guys, now, i get up at 4:00 a.m. >> you used to get up earlier. >> i used to get up at 2:30. here is what i look like normally and what i'm well rested, i look exactly like that. >> handsome. >> denzel washington. >> so there you go. >> you can put the collar back in there. >> that is kind of the cool look. >> so july purdy, there you go. those are the answers to your questions. we thank you for writing in. we thank all of you for taking part in the series and your suggestions and all of that. if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab to ask
6:54 am
tony and tucker. & you are so beautiful to me &&. >> we need a sped high pressure up version. >> what happened there? let's check in with julie wright for traffic. >> i know. i know. >> where is julie wright's picture. >> let me tell you something. i just came back off of vacation. you're lucky i didn't walk in here in a beach towel and flip- flops. there is no laying out the clothes for me. southbound 270, heavy volume right now out of germantown headed past mva montgomery village avenue. accident activity crowding the right lane. this is the remains of a vehicle fire. what was reported as a vehicle fire. the incident is west of muncaster mill road. 66 still tied up with delays out of manassas. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. still ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> court documents, photos, even a well worn rosary, all giving a new view of one of
6:55 am
america's moat notorious criminals. holly is giving us a glimpse of a new exhibit on al capone. that will be great. very fascinated by that whole topic.
6:56 am
in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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6:58 am
good morning, everybody. lots of you are heading back to school. we thought it would be fun to start with a bit of a history lesson. and the topic -- bootlegging in our area. this wednesday there's a movie coming out all lawless. and it's all about the bootlegging brothers from virginia. infamous brothers that tried to get the american dream in the prohibition era. we have a report from dallas to
6:59 am
talk all about it. they're having an al capone exhibit. there are artifacts that will go on auction. and if you're talking to bootlegging, there happens to be a speak easy in d.c., we know the secret knocks and we're taking you inside. see you later. >> looking forward to getting an inside look into that. that's going to do it for the 6:00 hour. now over to tony and sarah. >> coming up on fox 5 morning news, we are following several big news. bracing for isaac. for some in its path an all too familiar


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